Approaching lighting design from a green or energy efficient perspective can net benefits to a company at multiple levels. Lighting systems offer extraordinary opportunities for cost-effective energy savings. As an added benefit, the strategies for reducing lighting energy use improve the visual environment thereby improving employee pleasure, productivity, and morale. T. Marshall Associates offers the emerging lighting technologies and retrofit strategies that not only reduce the energy consumption of a building’s lighting; they also improve the quality of the lighting while reducing the lighting maintenance costs. In interior situations the air conditioning costs are lowered as well. Replacing inefficient lighting or retrofitting these fixtures typically has a very attractive financial payback and therefore can pay for itself in a short period of time.

Conservation Analysis & Upgrades
Fixture Replacement/Retrofits
Lighting Controls
Day lighting
Occupancy Sensors
Re-lamp and Re-ballast Services


“Our savings have been more than they said they would be. They are quality Company, and we would definitely recommend them.” "
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